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Neon Marble

by Bonggita

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    releases August 19, 2017

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Orbital Injection
She Likes The Moon
She Is Awakened
Wounded Warrior
Neon Marble
Deep Eyes
Neo-Human Relations


One could only hear the subtle engine rumble as the voice from the speakers repeatedly announces ‘’Approaching Earth, ''Marble Port'’ The procedure is simple and She knows it inside out, the agent is being deported to earth after the incident has been reported, discharged, no connections to the previous actions whatsoever. Secrecy is active and no further action from the agent is needed unless they are recalled when in that case, he or she must activate immediately. While sitting calmly in her seat a glimpse of a planet she only heard stories about, caught her eye and all of a sudden she became trapped in a long gaze that made her already feel something, something new. She clenched her fist resting on her leg, not knowing why. ‘’Emotion’’ she whispered.
I believe that the symptoms are already showing, doctors were right. I have to be very careful with these new emotions I am feeling. Who knows what else will I experience among my fellow humans.
Doctors said something about loneliness, and they described it as a state similar to what I already was into but unvoluntarily and as a consequence of bonding with other organisms. That it can be provoked with any sense and the effects are numerous, often unpleasant. I feel as if I am still on duty. Proceeding with caution. I will be arriving to Earth tonight, contact with humans upon docking. This makes me nervous....
‘’Wake up, you have to go now, wake up’’ A voice demandingly shouted. She never had any baggage, it was really easy for her to jump right out from the seat and head to the bridge dividing the transport pod and the docking bay. Two men are standing at the end of the bridge. ‘’You will be escorted to your premises by our staff now, everything you need is already transported in to your apartment. And one more thing, I really think you did the right think back on Bonggitaria, I would probably act the same, but who am I to tell YOU that hehehe… Anyways have a good time on Earth miss… Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they are waiting you in the conference room, just proceed through this corridor, since you are going to be a earthling, you might as well get a name’’ ..........


releases August 19, 2017

Composed, mixed and mastered by Bonggita
Cover design by Luka Ukropina
Original photo by Stefan Bourson

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